1. My outfit and make up for Comiket 2013.

  2. Cute farm animals at the petting zoo in Ueno.

  3. Penguins at Ueno Zoo.

  4. Ueno Zoo Reptilian house.

  5. Me and Irina at Purikura in Koenji!

  6. Me explaining the insides of an elephant.

  8. annikapepita:

    "日本料理 ja Suomalainen Ruoka" Yukata (2014)

    Hannory dyes and Traditional japanese wax dyeing technique. 

    Hand woven obi belt. Done with wool yarn.

    Model Kili Fukugawara

    Make up done by me

    I made this yukata in school! It was a great experience. go take a look at the rest of my portfolio too at http://annikapepita.tumblr.com/

  9. mossdash:

    The yukata that I made. It was interesting to learn the traditional ways from the japanese teachers. Japanese design sure is smart and ecological. really opened my mind.


  10. Only 1,5 months left in Tokyo for me! I have 4 days of school left until Christmas holidays. Many of my friends and family from Finland are coming to visit me in Tokyo during the holidays so I am very excited! Can’t wait to show them around Tokyo! 

  11. Bulma jr.’s adventure around Tokyo!